With a beginning in the wood industry of northern Sweden three generations ago, we at Allinwood combine the past and the present in our design. The result is our own style which can be recognised as "always actual". Now Allinwood is working together with some of the foremost and best known designers in Sweden. Our products are often based on tried and tested ideas from the past which we update and use in a modern way. Many of these ideas come to us through our contact with other cultures on our travels.

The Swedish wood and furniture industry has changed over the years and so has Allinwood. While a days work in our forefathers time could involve the transport of timber with horses or a long shift at the sawbench, the present day at Allinwood is all about passionate development of new products and a strong trademark. The craftsmanship and furniture styles of the past remain as vital sources of inspiration in our design, even if the actual manufacturing process has constantly been modernised and improved. AllinwoodÕs current collection features the product ranges Settler, Quadrasia and Tuvan. These three ranges together make for an offering which combines international inspiration with Swedish style. Experience has taught us that genuine beauty in a product stems from that which is functional, simple and pure. We hope that this can be recognised in all new products from Allinwood. With the introduction of our new modern garden furniture and tree seat range we have completed a full circle in returning to our deep rooted heritage of fine furniture making.